Technnique Engineering Services Concern is a best, total quality contractor capable of performing all activities associated with the construction, repair, and maintenance of industrial piping systems. Today, TESCO PIPING stands apart from all others because of its unique ability to integrate concurrent Design, Engineering, and Planning with Manufacturing, Fabrication, Installation and Testing.

Technnique Engineering Services Concern through the use of unique methods for defining system dimensions and orientation with great accuracy maximizes the amount of work performed in the shop and minimizes the amount of job-site work. This has a number of advantages for the customer including minimizing out-of-service time and interference with other work on-site; improved safety through reduced hot work on-site; and improved quality control and productivity.

In many instances it is possible to deliver fully welded and painted, precision- built pipe assemblies to the job site for fast and efficient field installation.

Technnique Engineering Services Concern fabricates piping systems with flanged and screwed joints as well as systems fabricated with the latest welding, brazing and soldering processes. TESCO works with materials ranging from the traditional to the newest carbon and stainless steels. TESCO also fabricates and installs concrete foundations and structural steel supports for both above and below ground piping systems.