There are four primary tasks that need to be considered before the steel erection process. – It is extremely important to establish the foundations and confirm if they are suitable and safe for erection to commence.

– With the help of cranes or sometimes by jacking, lifting and placing components into position is essential. Additionally, to secure the components in place, bolted connections are made but they may not be fully tightened. Similarly, bracings may not be fully secured.

– Aligning the structure is essential, principally by checking that column bases are lined and leveled and columns are plumb. To allow column plumb to be adjusted, packing in beam-to-column connections may need to be changed.

– Last but the least, bolting-up is required, which means completing all the bolted connections to secure and impart rigidity.

Steel fabrication and erecting steel structures are a lengthy process and they require immense skills, knowledge, and practice. Our steel fabricators at TESCO use the best steel fabrication tools and equipment to ensure that the fabrication and erection processes of steel structures are done with accuracy and perfection.